Working Hard for Buckley

Only a vote for Dan Rose will get you a proven candidate who knows how to fight for what's right!

Feeding Ducks on the Common with some of my god kidsPlant hunting is a big hobbyVolunteering for Cinnamon Trust helping people in Buckley who are unable to walk their petsCarousel imageVolunteering at the Buckley Lights Switch On eventI've fostered ferrets for RSPCA Deeside and Bryn Y Maen Centre for many yearsBeing interviewed by the BBC exposing corruption

In the last 15 years, I've loved living in Buckley. Although I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years I strongly believe Buckley has a lot to offer and want to be part of making sure the town continues to be a much loved hometown. ​

For many years, I’ve spent most of my free time volunteering for charities. In Buckley for Cinnamon Trust walking dogs when people are unable to, Secretary for a branch of North Wales Wildlife Trust, RTA recorder for Clwyd Badger Group, RSPCA Wrexham & Deeside Branch and RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre, Charity IT Association (which works with several local charities to support IT projects). It's important to give your time to something you believe in and I think Buckley deserves effective support.​

I’ve spent years fighting against corrupt local charities and I’m not scared to call out wrongdoing when I see it and I'll stand up against outdated practices. I think my experience of committees, fundraising, effective governance and administration will be of benefit to Buckley and our community.

I believe I'm the right candidate to stand up for Buckley Mountain ward and I ask for your vote.

Stand up to improve our roads

Poor road maintenance increases costs to users and the environment. I will aim to work with Flintshire Council to better our roads.

Fight for Cleaner Streets in Buckley

We now know more than ever the importance of our local green spaces for mental health but it's ruined by litter and dog fouling. A cleaner town is important to me.

Local Business must comes first

We need to support our local businesses and projects, like our new refurb cafe. More footfall means more investment for our town.

Against building on our Green spaces

Our empty properties need to be filled and protections put in for our oldest buildings and green spaces, which are vitally important to our health and ecology.

Proud to be endorsed by

Heather Cunningham

I am honestly delighted that Daniel has agreed to stand as a candidate for the current vacancy as a Buckley Councillor in the forthcoming May election.

I believe Dan to be an excellent candidate, he has a very genuine concern and sincere love for this town and its people. He has excellent social skills and has proven competency to assist in many of the Buckley and Community groups of which he is already a member.

From a personal perspective, I have always found Dan to be a really 'genuine' guy, warm and helpful, knowledgeable and considerate. I am also aware that he values confidentiality, a most important factor in being a Councillor.

Carolyn Preece

I've known Dan for many years, even before he joined Labour he has been fighting for what's right for the people around him. Its for that reason I know he'd make a wonderful councillor and will work hard for Buckley, its people and future of our town.

Carolyn Thomas

Dan is a hardworking and kind person who cares for people and shares the same values I do in preserving and enhancing our natural environment. I’ve had several calls from Dan where he has been helping people even without being a councillor, I’m certain he’d be hands on and actively support his community. He would be a great asset to have on Buckley town council with his wide variety of knowledge, experience and expertise from governance to ecology.

Ellis Gray

Everyone should vote for Uncle Dan!

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